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Hunting DOGS

It is interesting the physical traits that hunting dogs share.  Just look at these two!  Yet – they can be so unique.  I still have several hunting dogs that I want to paint, but for now it is back to some regal longhorns for a longhorn workshop in June at Double L Ranch in Mason, Texas.  click to buy my artwork

black lab dog watercolor
black lab dog watercolor painting by annette bennett

White Dogs

I was inspired by thoughts of a white Christmas to paint white dogs over the holidays.  The Westie just had to be done light and fluffy and with lots of color – like the lights refracted and bouncing off the snow.  The Dalmatian turned out so regal! and of course, the Basset – cute as always.


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Dogs, finally!

Several people have been asking me to paint dogs and I have resisted.  But, finally, I decided to jump in – and found that I love painting dogs as much as I love doing farm animals.  So, here we go.  These are my first three paintings.  I have already been comissioned for two and will start working on those soon.  Hope you like them