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Watercolor originals of farm animals - western with a contemporary flair. Featuring longhorns, goats, roosters.

Getting Loose

I recently got into a watercolor class offered by Jean Haines ( international watercolor painter and teacher) in Dallas.  I had tried for two years to get into a class

– but they book up almost instantly.  At last – attended her class and it was nothing short of amazing.  She is a great teacher and full of life!  Here is my first painting after her class – yes, I got looser and employed some of her techniques – Looking forward to continuing to work on more confidence in employing her tips.

Those Rascal-ie Roosters!

I wanted to do some roosters but didn’t really have any good photos to work from – so my physical therapist said she had a beauty!  Boy – did she ever.  She has one beauty and one that was very unusual and had a real attitude.  So, here are several versions – with a couple more to come.  Hope you enjoy.  I tried some different techniques to show feathers and had fun experimenting.  All are available on my etsy site for sale:  click here to go to my shop to see all my painting and order prints



Those Terriffic Texas Longhorns

Three outstanding Longhorns

These three beauties belong to Double LB Longhorns in Mason, Texas, see their site.  They are having a longhorn conference in June and have asked me to attend with my artwork.    They are Hannah, Cactus Flower and Dusty.  I challenged myself to expand on my development of background and foreground and to bring in some color.  Also, I love the “runs” on Hannah’s back – the other two a more representational.    After completing these guys – I did a few easy loose watercolor on 5X7 paper – pig, donkey, chicken, etc.  I have found my passion in  painting!

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Hunting DOGS

It is interesting the physical traits that hunting dogs share.  Just look at these two!  Yet – they can be so unique.  I still have several hunting dogs that I want to paint, but for now it is back to some regal longhorns for a longhorn workshop in June at Double L Ranch in Mason, Texas.  click to buy my artwork

black lab dog watercolor
black lab dog watercolor painting by annette bennett