About Annette Bennett Watercolor ART – “Farm Aminals with a Watercolor Art-itude”

I was raised a city girl, but always had a passion for farm animals and majored in Animal Science at Texas Tech and Texas A&M. After retiring from the working world, I took up watercolors – and now it is my passion.

I always saw livestock as a commodity – a number – a product. It wasn’t until I started painting that the animals connected more with me than painting a barn or a tree. I paint as a way to connect with the animals and see them in a different way – an elegance – a majesty – some fun – and yes, some glamor. I feel that each painting I finish has a life of it’s own – and that each animal has developed a personality. I want to share this with others who can look at my painting and laugh, smile or admire. I hope that when you look at these animals – you will also see them in a new way.

As I have new painting, I will post them and tell a little about the story behind each of them. If you want to see all my pieces in one collection, click here to go to my site.

I sell work on etsy and at two local galleries in the Texas Hill Country –
I show and sell my original artwork at two Galleries: 
Agave in Fredericksburg and The Mason Gallery in Mason.  Both in the Texas Hill Country

Click on the archives to see past works as they are completed. This is not your grandmother’s western art!

11 thoughts on “About Annette Bennett Watercolor ART – “Farm Aminals with a Watercolor Art-itude””

  1. I love how these animals have a ‘look’ about their eyes that make you think of them not just as cows, horses, goats but you see them as beautiful, intelligent animals. I love the colours you have chosen for them and the expression you give them. It’s too easy to see animals as commodities, the beauty you put in your art shows them as lovely creatures, I love that some of them have a look of thoughtfulness about them. Some look serious, some do not. You have a real gift with your watercolours and I love the “Farm Animals with A Watercolour Art-itude”, that’s true they definitely have Art-itude. I have linked to your site through the Blogging 101 challenge – as the site that inspired me. I’ve always wanted to paint, but although I have a few talents I’m proud of, art is not one of them, but I still admire it so much. Looking forward to visiting and being inspired by your beautiful paintings soon. Thanks 🙂


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Animals with a Watercolor Art-itude

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