Almost all my artwork is offered in sizes that will fit frames off the shelf – or of course, customer frames.

For those of you that do not wish to invest in a customer frame, here are a few suggestions:

Go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels or most large hobby shops.  Look on the internet before you go for their weekly coupon – usually 40% off on one regular priced item.  Take your coupon and artwork to the hobby shop.  Look in their readymade frame section.  These frames will already have glass and some will even have the matting included.  These are usually called Wall Frames.  If you work is smaller – they usually have a large selection of desk top frames to choose from.

Position your artwork, LAYING IT ON TOP OF THE GLASS, to get an idea of how it will look in that frame.  Once you have found one you like.  Now you need matting – that is a white or colored piece of sturdy paper that acts as an inner frame between the outer frame and your artwork.

The hobby shops will sometimes have “cut-outs” – those are the pieces of matting that were left over when someone had a custom frame job done.  These are usually only a couple of dollars and you can pick out several colors to use and “double” mat your artwork –for not much money.  If they don’t have cut outs – they will have full sheets of matting – even these are not too expensive – and they are in stock.  Again – pick out some colors that you thin accent the painting and work with the frame.

Now, take the mat(s) and frame to the custom frame shop inside the hobby shop (or – one of their people may have been helping you already with the mat selection).   Ask them to cut the mat, (showing the how much of the artwork you want covered with the mat and how big the mat will be on the sides).  Ask them to put the mat, on, place it in the frame and even finish the back of the frame with paper, and put a hanging wire on the back. 

I can’t quote prices – but you should usually manage to spend around $65.00 doing it this way vs $200-$400.00 with a custom frame.


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