Can’t get enough Longhorns!!

“Cubes? – Here I come!”

I have been busy taking photos at Lee and Linda Blackwell’s ranch in Mason Texas and some at Red McCombs Longhorn sale in Johnson City, Texas.  It is just incredible to see these big beautiful Mammas and their babies.  The color patterns on some of the longhorns are incredible- God really used his pallet.  Here are just three of my latest this big cow was a gentle one and really just looking for a handout.  The baby had super coloration and you can see the horns peeping out!  The watercolor original of  featured big one is at Agave Gallery, Fredericksburg .  Prints can be ordered  from my site on etsy

    looking for my baby

Cherokee Maiden
Cherokee Maiden

2 thoughts on “Can’t get enough Longhorns!!”

  1. I think these latests are great! Really like the horns going out of the frame on the first one and i like the more prominent backgrounds you are giving them. Happy birthday too!


  2. Thanks, appreciate the feedback. I just did a looser version of the angoras that I previously did -( not sure I will post it) Also, have really been working on backgrounds – Isn’t it fun to be able to create?? Guess I will have to add some bluebonnets into the next one I do…Ha!

    One of these days – hope our paths cross


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