Horses, colts and fillies

At the suggestion of John Bennett, I should try some horses. I have been holding back as a felt that I wasn’t quite ready to tackle them. It takes me a while to kinda “get into the subject” and learn the anatomy and features. But I have done three of them and like one well enough that I altered the coloration. The full view of the filly – I am going to re-do and make her an Appaloosa – I was not happy with the shading of the neck.




5 thoughts on “Horses, colts and fillies”

  1. part of 101 meet the neigbours I arrived here…just love the Roosters…….Horses are a passion of mine …would love to see how you depict an Arab in all it’s glory 🙂 will visit again lovely page.


  2. I’m not an artist, but my grandfather was. He loved watercolors. I was under the impression that it is a challenging medium to work with. I know my mother preferred acrylics, although she painted some lovely watercolor flowers for me. I think your horses are beautiful. I especially like the third painting.

    Personally, I am a little afraid of farm animals, including horses. However, I have a daughter who loves all animals, especially horses. She has been riding about 20 years. I watch. We used to live in the farm house on a cow farm when my children were young. She watched a calf being born. (I’m more of a city girl, although I have mostly lived in the suburbs.)


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